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Moodle-Learning Management System

Moodle LMS deployment in cloud infrastructure.

Koha-Integrated Library Management System

Koha-ILMS deployment in cloud infrastructure.

DSPACE-Building Open_Digital Repositories

DSPACE deployment in cloud infrastructure.

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We are committed to advancing the quality of education and promoting the
betterment of academics.

Moodle has transformed our institution’s education delivery by providing a versatile platform for educators to create, engaging and interactive learning materials.

Affiliated to Calicut University

Moodle has revolutionaised the way we deliver education at our institution, offering educators a flexible platform to craft compelling and interactive learning materials, resulting in heightened student engagement and active participation.

Affiliated to MG University

The implementation of Koha has been a transformative step forward in managing our library resources and providing an enhanced experience for both students and faculty members.

Affiliated to MG University